Yuk...no thanks!

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Yuk...no thanks!


Post by HowieTheHat »

Nothing like back flushing your fucking head! No thank you! 😨

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Re: Yuk...no thanks!


Post by Biker »

Yeah, I hear their commercial on SXM radio from time to time. I never understood the appeal nor who the target consumer was
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Re: Yuk...no thanks!


Post by Geist »

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Re: Yuk...no thanks!


Post by QillerDaemon »

Geist: whenever I see a video like that, it recalls the time I watched a video of a guy who swallowed a roll of dental floss, having tied the end to his nose piercing. After a couple of days, he found the other end in his poop. So he had a continuous thread of floss from his mouth to his butthole. All I could think was, what now? You gonna pull that out?! :questionmarks:

On the Navage thing, what a waste of money and time! In the shower I just clear out my nose with a little warm water, wash it down the drain. My dad's side of the family had terrible sinus issues, with shit always rattling around inside them.
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