Just some quick thoughts on the NFL draft.

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Just some quick thoughts on the NFL draft.


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Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens put on an absolute clinic. They got the best S, OLB, and C in the draft class. And after all their wheeling and dealing they ended up with SIX draft picks in the 4th round. SIX!!! That folks, is how you work a draft. One of the best drafts I've seen in a long, long time.


New York Jets: (I can't believe I just typed that) Nothing splashy, but they didn't panic or reach... which they usually do. They filled all their needs with the best talent available. And that's what it's all about. Very well done.


Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers must still be pinching themselves after Kenny Pickett dropped into their laps at #20 in the first round. Solid draft after that. But can someone explain to me why they took another QB in round 7? That made zero sense.

Green Bay Packers: The Pack had 11 picks and used 3 of them on WR's. About fucking time. This draft was all about keeping Aaron Rodgers happy.


New York Giants: Their first 2 picks were excellent! Then they shit the bed for the rest of the draft after someone in their draft room remembered that they are the New York Giants.

Seattle Seahawks: After 10 years they finally decided to fix their O-line. About time, guys. But it's a head-scratcher why they didn't draft a QB.


Philadelphia Eagles: They had three 1st round picks. They traded 2 of them away for future picks. Leaving them with only 5 picks in this entire draft and 2 of them were in the 6th round. Terrible draft management. I guess the Eagles are already looking at the 2023 draft class?

Washington Shit-For-Brains: They were having a solid draft. Then in round 5 they drafted a future practice squad QB and a future practice squad TE, neither of whom will probably ever start a game in their entire careers. And it got worse after that!

Dallas Cow-bois: They had 9 picks and used 6 of them in the trenches. The Cow-bois are an old team in the trenches and they know it. Unfortunately, these picks won't show much of a return for a couple of years.

Cincinnati Bengals: They only had 6 picks in the entire draft and they used 3 of them on Safeties. What?!?! I sure hope the plan is to convert a couple of them into LB's or CB's.


New England Patriots: With each pick I found myself thinking, "WTF are they doing?". "Did they just draft a Guard in the 1st round???". "WTF, did they just draft a small school QB in the 4th round? Why the fuck do the Pats think they need a QB?". "OMG, have they now drafted 3 Guards? 3!!!".
But it's Bill Belichick. So you just know that these guys are all going to be superstars a couple of years from now. :lol:
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Re: Just some quick thoughts on the NFL draft.


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The most impressive thing the Jets did was move back up into the 1st round again when they saw someone that shouldn't have still been available (Jermaine Johnson II)
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