Who here is surprised?

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Who here is surprised?


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Nazis gonna Nazi

UN: There is 'credible' information Ukrainian forces are torturing Russian POWs

Russian prisoners of war have been mistreated by Ukrainian forces since the beginning of the Russian invasion in February, a United Nations official said.

The evidence suggests that Russia is not the only country willing to break international norms during war, as the U.N. reports that Ukrainian forces have subjected Russians under their watch to treatment that violates international law, Matilda Bogner, head of the U.N. Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine, said Tuesday.

"We have received credible information of torture, ill-treatment and incommunicado detention by Ukrainian Armed Forces against prisoners of war from Russian armed forces and affiliated armed groups," Bogner said. "We continue to see the publication of videos, which show inhumane treatment, including prisoners from both sides being coerced to make statements, apologies and confessions, and other forms of humiliation."

The mistreatment from both sides is considered a violation of international humanitarian law, as the U.N. continues to investigate and document egregious violations since Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24.

"Ukraine and Russia must promptly and effectively investigate all allegations of torture and ill-treatment of prisoners of war. They must also effectively control and instruct their forces to stop any further violations from occurring,” Bogner said.

Russia is accused of several war crimes, including raping Ukrainian women, targeting and killing innocent civilians, and forcing others to go to Russia against their will.

Some of the violations were determined by Bogner and other U.N. officials during a visit to towns in the Kyiv and Chernihiv regions that were occupied by Russian armed forces until the end of March.

The group also reported that hundreds of educational or medical facilities have been damaged or destroyed in areas of hostility across the country. At least 50 places of worship have been damaged, more than half of which cannot be used.


"The best way to end the violations that we have been documenting will be to end the hostilities," Bogner said. "However, while they are ongoing and for as long as they last, parties must in the conduct of operations take constant care to spare the civilian population."
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Re: Who here is surprised?


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Washington Examiner :lettersrofl:
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Re: Who here is surprised?


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Well, if you invade a country and kill civilians, then get captured and tortured by the people whose country you just invaded, maybe it's a tiny bit your own fault.
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Re: Who here is surprised?


Post by saltydog »

There never appears to be innocence when it comes to war.

I guess the Russians are being completely civil and virtuous during this invasion.
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Re: Who here is surprised?


Post by Deathproof »

Who the fuck cares? I hope they're torturing the fucking shit out of the captured Russian soldiers, then cutting their dicks off and mailing them back to their families. President Zelensky should record a few instances of it, and broadcast it to the Russians like a commercial:

"Hi, I'm Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky. If you're a Russian soldier, and you get orders to invade our country, you should be aware that we're kicking your asses. And, if we capture you, we're going to torture you until death would seem like a welcome release. Then, we'll cut your fucking dick off with a hacksaw and mail it to your whore mother. So, think twice before you decide to behave improperly. Tell your friends!"
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Re: Who here is surprised?


Post by CHEEZY17 »

I'm not saying I condone this if its true but I certainly understand it.
The Russians have bombed civilian targets, there is evidence of them torturing and raping women and children, they have leveled multiple cities and multiple civilian mass graves have been discovered. Do not ever forget that Russia invaded Ukraine; not the other way around. Any action afterward is a direct result of Russia invading a sovereign nation.
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