Maybe this is why Gold prices have gone down

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Maybe this is why Gold prices have gone down


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I have never owned gold, but several months ago I bought some for a relative because he wanted some and I was worried he would get into a scam. Anyway, because I had an account and had started watching gold prices, I was kind of surprised recently when gold got down to $1700 per ounce. So much so that I bought some for myself (not much).

The whole thing with gold didn't make much sense. You would think with the stock market being down and interest rates low and bitcoin crashing and all this shit going wrong, that gold would be some safe haven where people would park some cash and wait out the storm.

So, I read today that Russia is exporting gold by the tons from Sudan to fund their war. I wonder if that is what has caused the drop in gold prices?
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Re: Maybe this is why Gold prices have gone down


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I’ve heard, just like our currency, paper gold can be created out of thin air.
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